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Highly skilled and motivated scientists and technicians are essential to this successful laboratory danaplastic

Many of these projects polymer laboratory test testing become quite large in scope, and the polymer testing is very detailed. Danaplastic Lab often have to be very creative in their analytical approach to these complex problems. It’s very rewarding when Danaplastic find an answer that helps their customer.

Polymer Solutions is an independent testing lab that provides highly customized analytical solutions to clients. The danaplastic lab provides chemical analysis, physical tests, and research and development assistance, among other services.


polymer laboratory tools

laboratory tools



Automotive parts, hoses, plastic pipes, valves, fittings, sheet, profile, film, polymer raw material, compounds, container, bottle, drip irrigation , geomembrane, coatings, geotextiles, …



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Life time prediction


Xenon weathering

MRS for pipes and hoses

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on-line production inspection, batch release inspection, …


polymer Material ID test


Danaplastic performs many different types of chemical and thermal analysis on polymers for sample identification. We have a full polymer laboratory that includes the necessary equipment and instruments to identify a polymer/plastic sample.

Danalab experienced chemists and polymer scientists are here to help our customers with testing and consulting on their plastics and polymer samples.

.Our laboratory also has back up instruments in the event one of our instrument is busy or in need of maintenance

You will like our reports and friendly customer service but most importantly you will like the way we explain things and the prices we charge. 

For material ID we have professional tests that include :

Include Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)


This thermal analysis is used to obtain information on thermal transition of polymers, including glass transition, melting temperature, crystallization temperatures, heats of transition.

Using a DSC (differential scanning calorimeter) the following are commonly determined:

Tg = Glass Transition Temperature = Temperature (°C) at which an amorphous polymer or an amorphous part of a crystalline polymer goes from a hard brittle state to a soft rubbery state.
Tm = melting point = Temperature (°C) at which a crystalline polymer melts.
Δ Hm = the amount of energy (joules/gram) which a sample absorbs while melting.
Tc = crystallization point = Temperature at which a polymer crystallizes upon heating or cooling.
Δ Hc = the amount of energy (joules/gram) a sample releases while crystallizing.


Filler (Ash) Content and Identification test:


 An Ash test is used to determine if a material is filled. The test will identify the total filler content. It cannot identify individual percentages in multi-filled materials without additional test procedures being performed.

An Ash test involves taking a known amount of sample, placing the weighed sample into a dried / pre-weighed porcelain crucible, burning away the polymer in an air atmosphere at temperatures above 500°C, and weighing the crucible after it is has been cooled to room temperature in a desiccator. Ash residue remaining in the crucible is considered filler unless the residue is less than 1%. Residues of less than 1% are typically the result of additives that did not burn off.


Thermal properties


Besides sample identification Danaplastic performs many different types of analyses and tests to determine specific properties of the plastic / polymer sample. We partner with our customers to determine exactly what they are looking for in plain simple language. 

Some of the properties that we can help our customers reveal about their polymer product include:


Material Identification
Glass Transition Temperature
Melting Point
Melt Flow Index test
Tensile Strength test
Flex Modulus
Filler Content and ID



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