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Dana Plastic Lab

Testing – Inspection – Training – Consultation – Research

INSO Accredited Lab

ISO 17025

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Accredited Lab for Polymer Products by INSO, ISO 17025

Certified Inspection Company by INSO

Dana Plastic is an independent reliable testing and inspection company

The managing team of Dana Plastic states that all the activities of the lab are anonymous without any bias, and are based on professional principles. Customer protection in all aspects including company data and information is the first priority of Dana Plastic.


Accredited by Iran National Standard Organization (INSO) since 2011
In more than 140 final products
In more than 500 test methods
ISO 17025 for 20 final product and more than 60 test methods
Accredited inspector by INSO
Certified training center by INSO
Accredited lab and inspection company by Iran ministry of agriculture
Accredited lab by Iran National Gas Company
Accredited lab by Iran Ministry of Communicationو
Approved lab by water and sewage companies
Certified as Engineering/Technical Center by Ministry of Industries

Dana Plastic: Introduction

Dana Plastic owns laboratory equipment and measurement tools. Along with its professional highly educated team, Dana Plastic main activities are testing, analyzing, training, inspection, consultation, characterization, reverse engineering, defect/failure troubleshooting and quality inspection and conformity of polymer products and raw materials.
We benefit from a multi-task managing team with versatile industry and academic experiences: 1. Lab instrument manufacturer 2. University professor and 3. Lab instrument importer 4. Polymer compounder 5. Polymer processing specialists (IM, IBM, EBM, RM, film/sheet/profile extrusion).

Dana Plastic Scope

Testing: Automotive parts, hoses, plastic pipes, valves, fittings, sheet, profile, film, polymer raw material, compounds, container, bottle, drip irrigation , geomembrane, coatings, geotextiles, …
Consultation & Research: Research projects with universities and research centers
Training: Professional training by industry-university fellows

Life time prediction: UV/Weathering
Xenon weathering
MRS for pipes and hoses
Valve fatigue/endurance

Inspection: on-line production inspection, batch release inspection, …

Lab capabilities at a glance

  • Plastic pipes and fittings
  • Plastic valves
  • Plastic and rubber hoses
  • Automotive parts (plastics, rubber, composites)
  • Raw material quality inspection and assurance
  • Geotextiles, geomembranes
  • Sheets, films
  • Bottles, canisters
  • Tanks
  • Electrical conductivity/resistivity
  • Coatings
  • Floorings
  • Foams
  • Irrigation parts: drippers, collapsible hose, valves, fittings, tapes, filters
  • Steel pipe coating (epoxy, PE, PP)
  • Cables
  • &many plastic/rubber/polymer parts

Dana Testing Lab: Plastics & Rubber Testing

  1. Tensile, flexural, impact (Izod, Charpy, tensile, notched), compression and ring tests
  2. HDT, VICAT, DSC, ageing, OIT, MFI, volatile content
  3. specimen preparation from granule, pipe and so on by machining, molding and cutting
  4. Hydrostatic pressure test (water or air), MRS
  5. Falling weight impact, vacuum testing (airtightness), water tightness
  6. Density, thickness, dimensions, diameter
  7. UV, Xenon weathering resistance
  8. ESCR
  9. Pigment , carbon black dispersion and content, digital optical microscopy
  10. Pressure loss of valves, fittings
  11. Valve fatigue test, valve torque (opening closing)
  12. Emitter/dripper performance for irrigation
  13. Puncture, multiaxial tension and tear resistance
  14. Elastomers: molding, rheometry and physical properties
  15. Filler content
  16. Electrical resistivity
  17. Cathodic disboundment, Holiday effect, Pull-off
  18. Corrosion and chemical resistance
  19. Ring stiffness, creep ratio
  20. Morphology, polymer characterization, reverse analysis
  21. And many more. Please ask us: danatechco.com



No. 43, Sanaat 3 St., Shahr-e-Qods, Tehran, Iran
Postal code: 3114814738

Tel: +98 (21) 46076447-8, 40446410-11
Fax: +98 (21) 46076448
Cell: +98 920-120-3161

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