Our Chemical Testing Lab is fully furnished with all the modernized equipments and instruments which help our Analysts and Chemists to perform even the most complex analysis. We carry out both the qualitative and quantitative analysis and provide complete information about the sample under test.

By offering a complete solution and support to manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of consumer goods we assure them of the quality of their products. Our world-class services are accurate, reliable, error free and reproducible.

  1. HDT, VICAT, DSC, ageing, OIT, MFI, volatile content
  2. specimen preparation from granule, pipe and so on by machining, molding and cutting
  3. Hydrostatic pressure test (water or air), MRS
  4. Falling weight impact, vacuum testing (airtightness), water tightness
  5. Density, thickness, dimensions, diameter
  6. UV, Xenon weathering resistance
  7. ESCR
  8. Pigment , carbon black dispersion and content, digital optical microscopy
  9. Pressure loss of valves, fittings
  10. Valve fatigue test, valve torque (opening closing)
  11. Emitter/dripper performance for irrigation
  12. Puncture, multiaxial tension and tear resistance
  13. Elastomers: molding, rheometry and physical properties
  14. Filler content
  15. Electrical resistivity
  16. Cathodic disboundment, Holiday effect, Pull-off
  17. Corrosion and chemical resistance
  18. Ring stiffness, creep ratio
  19. Morphology, polymer characterization, reverse analysis
  20. Tensile, flexural, impact (Izod, Charpy, tensile, notched), compression and ring tests

And many more. Please ask us: danatechco.com